3 Best Convertible Car Seats for Travel

3 Best Convertible Car Seats for Travel

Choosing the best convertible car seat for travel can be a huge headache. The discussion on car seats can become a hot topic. We realize why this is, as the child’s safety is the most important factor. We spend a lot of time in our cars from after-school sports, weekend jaunts, and shopping.

Here are a few stats on the importance of convertible car seats for travel, and how different people use them.

  • Nearly 73% of car seats are not installed properly. This makes it important to have the car seat installed and inspected by a professional to ensure the safety of your child.
  • When car seats are installed correctly, they can reduce the risk of death by more than 71%, and the number is increasing day by day.
  • Most road-related injuries could be prevented by proper use of car seats.

What Steps Can You Take To Keep Your Child Safe?

  1. When choosing a car seat, you should check the seat rating for the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).
  2. All convertible car seats must meet or exceed the Federal and ASTM safety standards.
  3. The car seat you choose should also be crash tested by the NCAP. They evaluate the performance of each child safety seat in the event of an accident.
  4. The Parent Central on gives you great reviews on all US car seats. Moreover, this site also provides you with an insight on the ease of use of the seats. In this way, you can better secure your children while traveling.

Important Considerations Before Buying a Car Seat

Don’t buy secondhand seats

You must avoid the use of secondhand car seats for travelling. It is tempting to spring for a deal on such seats, but you should also take into account that this seat has been used and could have possibly been involved in an accident, compromising the safety. If you are 100% sure that the seat is not expired and has never been in an accident, then you could buy it. However, we recommend against it because you never want to risk your child’s safety.

Check the expiration Date

Most car seats have a life of around 5 years.  This means that they will expire around the time your child outgrows them. So, if you are looking for a long term solution, then you must go with a convertible car seat, which typically have a lifespan of 8-12 years.

Extended Front Facing

When it comes to transition from rear to front facing, it is possible that your child may hit the minimum height and weight limit that is required for transition to a booster, however we recommend that you wait until they meet the maximum height and weight limit,  for maximum safety. Many allow for children to remain forward facing up to around 80 pounds.

Extended Rear Facing

A rear facing position of the car seat is by far the safest method of keeping your child safe. So, you should opt-in for a seat that will rear face up to approximately 50 pounds. And, just because your child hits the minimum requirements to turn forward (1+ and around 20 pounds), that doesn’t mean you should do so. It is always best to wait until they hit the maximum weight and height limit. The rear facing position has, many times, saved lives.

Here are a few great picks that are perfect from every perspective!

1) Britax Advocate

3 Best Convertible Car Seats for Travel

The Britax Advocate is one of the largest and most renowned names in car seats. This is because of its incredible safety and high weight limits. Moreover, Britax is the most popular brand safety seats. It features a side-impact cushion. Also, it boasts the following technologies:

  • SafeCell Technology.
  • SafeCell Crash Technology
  • Energy-absorbing Versa-Tether
  • Integrated Steel Bars.

It can be rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and has a height limit of 49 inches. While the front facing height limit is 49 inches and weight limit is 20 to 65 pounds. Unfortunately, the booster isn’t convertible. This seat meets all the safety standards!

Check more details at Amazon

2) Britax Boulevard

3 Best Convertible Car Seats for Travel

The Britax Boulevard is a perfect seat that easily and safely accommodates newborns of 5 pounds, and until he/she reaches the 65-pound limit. This car seat features energy absorbing Versa-Tether, side impact protection, SafeCell technology, and steel bars. The padded cushions provide maximum protection!

When rear facing, it offers a weight limit of 5 to 40 pounds and a height limit of 49 inches. When it is front facing it offers a weight limit of 20 to 65 pounds and a height limit of 49 inches. You can easily convert it from the front facing position to the rear facing position.

Check more details at Amazon.

3) Britax Marathon

3 Best Convertible Car Seats for Travel

The Britax Marathon is featured on the bestseller list. Nonetheless, it is the safest car seat you could purchase for your infant. Moreover, the Britax Marathon is among the top selling convertible car seats in the entire US. This makes it a top choice!

In the rear facing position, it has a weight limit of 5 to 40 pounds and height limit of 49 inches. When it is front facing, the weight limit is 20 to 65 pounds and height limit 49 inches. Best of all this car seat meets all Parental Central reviews and rating on Finally, it has been crash tested and is as safe as they come!

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