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baby car seat blankets

It’s cold outside and what’s worse is seeing your baby shivering in their car seat? Luckily, keeping your infant warm in the car seat is as simple as using a “shower cap” style cover to keep the icy wind out.

These covers are also great because they work without jeopardizing the car seat’s ability to protect the precious cargo if and when a crash happens.

How do you keep a bigger baby safe and warm?

A lot of us trust that dressing our kids in thick coats is the only trick to keeping them warm inside their car seats, but it’s a very bad idea to do this. You see, snowsuits or thick winter coats create what appears to be snugness, but in reality all they do is create empty space between your child’s body and the buckle straps.

Here’s the deal: in the event of a crash, that puffy stuffing inside the coat becomes compressed, which causes slack in the straps and creates an opportunity for increased head excursion (yes much like whiplash), and can even cause your baby to be ejected from the seat if there’s enough play.

You see - this is a real problem. But don’t worry because I’ve got the solution right here though. The Answer Is This: a baby car seat blanket. It might not sound like a big deal but it’s going to change your world!

The Best Infant Car Seat Covers

1. JJ Cole Collections Infant Car Seat Cover
JJ Cole Car Seat Blanket Cover

I used this cover for Bub’s car seat when we were still using the infant seat.

The whole cover is machine washable and it’s very durable since it’s made from weather-resistant nylon with a soft fleece on the inside.

Controlling the temperature is as easy as zipping down or totally removing the flap. Unfortunately, this cover isn't great for extreme cold. If you're looking for a car seat cover for colder conditions read on!

JJ Cole Infant and Baby Car Seat Cover Consumer Reviews

JJ Cole Infant and Baby Car Seat Cover Price: $25-$30

Pros & Cons: JJ Cole Infant Car Seat Cover

The Good

  • It's easy to use and offers good protection from the cold
  • It's durable
  • It's machine washable

The Bad

  • This cover is only suitable for mildly cold conditions. Read on to see what I've picked to help you out in the coldest of weather!
2. Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Cover
Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak a Peak Car Seat Cover Review

Coming in as my second pick, the Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Cover is probably the warmest infant car seat cover I’ve ever tested.

The cover comes with an additional blanket underneath and is shaped to keep your baby perfectly snug.

The fleece-lined cover creates exceptional warmth inside the infant seat, which means this is the perfect solution for cold-weather mommies, and thanks to the water resistant outer layer, you’ll never have to worry about your baby getting wet in the event of rain surprising you.

Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Cover Consumer Reviews

Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Cover Price: $30-$35

Pros & Cons: Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Cover

The Good

  • It's ultra warm
  • It's shaped to keep baby snug
  • The fleece-lined, water repelling fabric protects your baby from rain and snow
  • It's easy to put on and take off thanks to the dual zippers

The Bad

  • It doesn't fit all infant car seats, like the Graco SnugRide models of example.

The Top Baby Car Seat Blankets

1. Summer Infant Car Seat Coat and Poncho
Baby Blanket Poncho Review

This car seat poncho is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and its one of the best ways to keep growing kids warm in their car seats without compromising their safety.

Bub has one of these (admittedly a little larger than her size) and I love how she puts it on when we head out to the car to keep her warm from point A to B.

All I do once she’s in the car is drape the back of the poncho over the back of her seat, fasten her and then zip it back down again to keep her insulated against the cold.

Summer Infant Car Seat Coat & Poncho Consumer Reviews

Summer Infant Car Seat Coat & Poncho Price: $20-$30

Pros & Cons: Summer Car Seat Coat & Poncho

The Good

  • It's one of the cheapest car seat blanket on the market
  • It looks cute and offers Bub a comfy and warm alternative to a thick winter coat
  • It's safe for Bub to wear while she's strapped into her seat because the poncho goes over the straps
  • It won't fall off like a blanket

The Bad

  • Using it for the first couple of times was a learning curve
  • I wish it was a little longer to keep her legs snug as well
2. Cozywoggle Car Seat Safe Coat
Carseat Blanket Coat Review

What looks like a regular, warm winter coat is actually a car seat-safe poncho in disguise.

This coat conveniently unzips (up the sleeves and sides) when your child goes into the seat and then doubles up to become something exactly the same as the Summer Infant Poncho Bub owns.

The difference between the two is that the Cozywoggle is made from heavy-duty wind-and-water resistant polyester materials and it’s lined with fleece, whereas the Summer Infant model is just a fleece with no protection from water and wind.

Winter Infant Car Seat Cozywoggle Coat & Blanket Consumer Reviews

Pros & Cons: Winter Cozywoggle Car Seat Coat & Blanket

The Good

  • It's warm and wind resistant
  • It's lined with warm fleece
  • It looks like a regular winter coat, but actually has more than one purpose.

The Bad

  • Your baby will only be able to wear this coat from the age of one and up since it only comes available in sizes 12 months and up.

The Best Stroller Blankets

Since a brisk walk out during the winter months with the stroller is actually quite invigorating (cabin fever is real friends!), you may work up a sweat and stay warm, but baby just sits there.

This means your child is exposed to extremely cold temperatures…unless of course you use a stroller foot-muff. These nifty little covers have slits at the back and bottom which allows you to place the straps through and install it to the stroller. We all know that blankets just fall off and get dragged behind eventually, which is why foot-muffs are the perfect solution because they stay put!

Anyway, here are my top picks for the best foot-muffs for strollers.

JJ Cole Collections Original Bundleme
JJ Cole Stroller Blanket Review

Yes, it’s been a round for all these years, and the reason why so many moms love it is because it does the job so damn well!

This foot-muff is perfect for mildly cold winters and is really durable.

It installs very easily and has a nice feel to it. The zip off top allows you to adjust the cover without having to wake up baby which is an added bonus!

it's a huge plus to not have to stuff baby into a snowsuit which can be problematic when it comes time to put them in a car seat.​

JJ Cole BundleMe Stroller Blanket Consumer Reviews

JJ Cole BundleMe Stroller Blanket Price: $35-$50

Pros & Cons: JJ Cole BundleMe Stroller foot-muff

The Good

  • It has a warm, faux shearling interior lining to keep your baby warm.
  • You can zip down the lining to control the temperature
  • It comes in a wide range of sizes.

The Bad

  • It's not the warmest foot-muff on the market
7 A.M Enfant Lamb POD Cover
7 Am foot muff for winter review

The Lamb POD cover from 7 A.M Enfant is cozy and heavy-duty, meaning it was made with the coldest of days in mind. Luckily it’s not a heavy foot-muff, so it’s totally interchangeable with the Bee POD from 7 A.M Enfant for milder days.

Although it's relatively expensive it does a wonderful job keeping baby warm in the cold.​

7 A.M. Enfant Lamb POD Stroller Cover Consumer Reviews

7 A.M. Enfant Lamb POD Stroller Cover Price: $60-$75

Pros & Cons: JJ Cole BundleMe Stroller foot-muff

The Good

  • It's a lightweight solution for the stroller
  • It's warm and heavy-duty
  • It's easy to attach to the stroller and remove it again.

The Bad

  • It's very warm, which doesn't make it suitable for milder winter days.
Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff
Skip hop stroll three season footmuff review

Okay, so I own a Skip Hop Stroll and Go footmuff from Skip Hop and I’ve never been disappointed by it.

I love the fact that it fits perfectly with our stroller organizer and the fact that it repels wind and water means it’s weather-proof!

It's nice that it comes with multiple layers which means you don't need to buy a foo​t-muff for two seasons which makes the cost a little bit more bearable. 

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three Season Footmuff Consumer Reviews

Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three Season Footmuff Price: $80-$100

Pros & Cons: Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three Season Footmuff

The Good

  • It comes with 2 layers: one for fall or spring and the other for the coldest wintery days
  • The winter layer easily snaps off for easy temperature control
  • It's very durable

The Bad

  • It's expensive relative to other footmuffs
  • It's bulky

And that’s it friends! Some of the best baby car seat blanket ideas out there, keeping the cold at bay while you’re out for the day!


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