Best Britax Car Seat

best britax car seats

What makes Britax so unique?

Well, the reason might lie in the fact that Britax actually has an automotive heritage, and isn’t just in the business of toy and stroller manufacturing. They make car seats that were meant to minimize the impact that car accidents have on little bodies. They’ve also been around for what seems to be forever. Their roots date back to the 1930’s, and they’ve always been involved with all sorts of new and improved developments in the automotive industry.

Britax was involved with the development of the first adult seat belt and also the first child car seat, which means they’re masterminds when it comes to knowing what safety features need to be present in car seats for kids.

Britax’s Renowned Safety Features:

With some of the safest car seats out there, Britax has a number of safety features that are unique to the brand like:

  • SecureGuard - this technology has been developed to help enhance the safety of children secured with a 3-point seat belt of the car. SecureGuard helps keep the (adult) lap belt of the car fitted correctly over the lap of the child, secured over the pelvic bones.
  • ATS and LS - Active Tensioning System from Britax helps to actively tension the harness of your child’s car seat throughout the journey, and together with the Light System (LS) which uses light and sound to help you secure your child correctly, is what helps make Britax car seats so secure.
  • ISOFIX, ISOFIT, Soft Latch ISOFIT and ISOFIX+ - First de developed in 1997 together with Volkswagen, Britax’s ISOFIX is now the standard across Europe for installing car seats, ensuring that car seats are fitted correctly in the car every time. ISOFIT is for Stage 2 and 3 car seats and uses ISOFIX and the seat belts of the car to secure the seat to the car. Soft Latch ISOFIT is aimed for vehicles that have difficult to reach ISOFIX anchorage points and ISOFIX+ boasts wider connectors that help limit sideways movement, reinforce stability and absorb impact forces.

What’s not to love?

The biggest beef that most people seem to have with Britax car seats is that they are heavy and bulky and they are not the budget option, but if it’s safety and comfort that you’re after, you can rely on Britax to bring you the best that the industry has on offer! By now it’s clear to see just why Britax is an industry leader, so you might be wondering what child car seats they have on offer. It’s time to take a look at some of the Top Britax Car Seats with the help of our handy reviews then!

Here you’ll see a selection of seats available, ranging from infant to convertible car seats and also combination and booster car seats that will keep your child as safe as possible (for as long as possible) while you’re out on the road.

The Best Britax Car Seats Review:

Best Infant Car Seat (0-35 pounds)

Britax B-Safe 35 Elite

This seat boast a more-than-good-enough 35 pound weight limit, comes with integrated steel bars and SafeCell technology in the base. To help minimize impact, it also has deeper side walls, side-impact protection padding and a steel frame. We love the fact that the canopy is big enough to block out annoying rays of sun that might disturb a sleeping baby, and the fact that the seat is so simple to install makes it a sweeter deal.

What’s more is the fact that the B-Safe 35 Elite also comes with an easy-to-remove cover, perfect for just taking off and throwing it in the machine to clean up baby messes. Oh…and the fact that the cover is removable also comes in pretty handy together with the no-rethreaded harness, which ensures that adjusting the height of the straps is as simple as can be.

One thing we just have to mention here is the fact that the B-Safe 35 Elite is compatible with Britax and BOB strollers, which gives you a little more freedom of choice when it comes to picking a stroller to match the car seat. Although, you have to keep in mind that the car seat strollers you’ll be able to pick from will not come in at a lightweight, they are heavy, just like the seats themselves.

Best Convertible Car Seat (5-65 pounds)

Britax Advocate ClickTight

The Boulevard and the Marathon are the two other major players in Britax’s renowned ClikTight “game changer” range, but the best of the bunch is by far the Advocate. The Advocate ClickTight brings you a combination of supreme safety features and secure installation guides, but it also boasts some awesome height limits and other great features in the package. The fact that it’s convertible means you can use it from birth all the way through to the preschool years.

The rear-facing weight limit for the Advocate ClickTight ranges from 5 to 40 pounds, with a forward-facing limit ranging from 20-65 pounds. Measuring in at 20.5 inches wide and 23.5 inches high, it’s a big seat and it’s also heavy, weighing in at a hefty 30.1 pounds, one of the heaviest car seats out there. But what this does bring you is more side impact protection on top of the ClickTight technology.

We love the fact that this seat is super simple to install (once you’ve practiced the routine one or twice) thanks to the ClickTight system.Your kids will love the fact that it has a 7-position recline system in the base, and to make things easier for you, it also comes with an automatic level indicator, which makes it easy to tell if the recline angle is appropriate.

With 14 different harness heights, a no-rethread harness, the steel reinforced frame, SafeCell Impact Protection, an energy absorbing base, a 10-year lifespan, certified as safe for Air Travel and the ability to leave your child in the rear-facing position up to 40 pounds, the Britax Advocate ClickTight is definitely a game changer in the industry.

Best Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seats (25-120 pounds)

Britax Pinnacle ClickTight

Okay, so we’ve just praised the ClickTight System from Britax in the discussion about the Advocate ClickTight, and the amazing safety features present in that seat ca also be found in the Pinnacle CT, which was designed with bigger kids in mind. Installing the seat is so simple, even a dad can do it! Just kidding, but that should about highlight the simplicity of the installation.

The Pinnacle CT also comes with Side Impact Cushion Technology, a SafeCell Technology base, integrated steel bars in the frame, a higher weight and height limit, a no-rethread harness, a comfortable and well-padded seat for superior comfort and the distinct look of Britax car seats.

This harness-2-booster seat offers you the extra safety feature of a 5-point harness and the versatility to convert to a big-kid booster. All this with the added benefit of having one of the easiest installation systems out there!

The Pinnacle CT has a 9-year lifespan, so it’s definitely going to outlive your child’s car seat days, but your kid will be able to use it from 25-90 pounds with the harness and between 40 and 120 pounds in the belt-positioning booster mode. Plus, it comes available in a few very stylish looks to choose from! We love the fact that the Pinncale ClickTight is very easy to use, easy to cleanup (with the removable cover) and the fact that it easily converts to booster mode when your child reaches the required weight and height.

Best Belt Positioning Boosters (40-120 pounds)

Britax Parkway SGL

The Parkway SGL was designed with bigger kids in mind who are ready to wear their seatbelts just like real adults do. This is the last car seat that your child will use and we love the fact that it helps to keep them that much safer for that much longer!

The Parkway SGL comes with all the renowned Britax safety features like SafeCell Technology, Side Impact Protection Technology, SecureGaurd clips, a LATCH system for holding the booster in place (which by the way, the Pinncale CT can’t use in booster mode), a well-padded and very comfortable sitting area and the ability to convert to a backless booster seat.

Once again, Britax brings you an easy to install car seat, this time with the help of the LATCH system, which also makes the seat safer because it’s secured properly in the car. Here’s something else you’ll love: the Parkway SGL also comes with handy little cup holders that open both ways, an easy to remove cover that’s machine washable (thank you Britax!) and a very impressive price tag that isn’t going to break the bank!

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