Best Car Seats for Dogs

car seats for dogs

Most dog owners would agree:

You’ve probably taken your hands off the steering wheel a couple of times to restrain your dog in the car while taking him with you for a drive right?

So why haven’t you invested in a great dog car seat yet?

Your dog is pretty much your best friend, and the only one that loves you more than he loves himself, which is why his safety should always be your number one concern whenever you hit the road together.

Whether you’re driving over to the grocery store, or heading taking the road less traveled to get out of the city, if your dog is in the car, a car seat designed with dogs in mind should be there too.

Without sufficient support and safety measures, your four-legged family member’s life is on the line whenever he’s traveling in the car with you. Not only can he get injured, but an unrestrained dog also poses a safety threat to other passengers in the car.

Now I know you’re probably thinking “But dog car seats cost a lot and it means extra effort!”

Most dog car seats aren’t going to break the bank and they really don’t take that much time and effort to set up.

Long gone are the days where car seats was just something one would consider buying when there was a baby in the house…your dog is also very precious cargo, which is why you should invest in the best dog car seat out there!

What to consider when buying a dog car seat:

· Size - this is probably the most important consideration. You need something big enough to keep your dog safe and also provide some room for moving around a little.

· Raised or Flat - if you want to allow your dog to observe the road with more ease, you might want to consider investing in a booster seat that elevates your pet more so that he can get a better view.

· Straps - a lot of dog car seats come in standard “box” shape where there are no straps involved whatsoever, but if safety is your first priority, you really might want to consider investing in a dog car seat that has decent straps and restraints.

Okay…so we’ve got the details down. Now it’s time to get to the real reason you landed on this page…

Dog Car Seat Reviews

We’ve rounded up the best car dog seats out there to help you narrow down the field and invest in the best car seat for you four-legged friend. Here they are in no particular order…

The Basic Dog Car Seat

Basic Dog Car Seat

Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat Deluxe

This is a very popular dog car seat and comes available in Large, Extra Large and Jumbo Size options.

We like the fact that this car seat allows your dog to feel free (thanks to no straps), but still be restricted to his own space.

This seat can be used in the front or back of the car and the special attachment that goes around the head rest of the car seat secures the doggie seat.

We wouldn’t recommend this one as the safest dog car seats, but it’s still a pretty solid option.

Tagalong Pet Car Seat Consumer Reviews

Tagalong Pet Car Seat Price: $25-$60

Sizes Available: Small, Medium & Large

The Most Stylish Dog Car Seat

Kurgo Car Seat Box

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

If you’re looking to invest in a seriously stylish dog car seat, the Kurgo Skybox would be it. With 4 different designs to choose from, these car dog seats are bringing swag back into dog transportation.

The only downside to these seats is the fact that they only come on one size and will only support dogs up to 30 pounds.

That’s not a deal breaker though. Being collapsible and machine washable, this is probably one of the best options to pick if you’re a traveler of note and like all things quick cleanup.

The Safest Small Breed Dog Car Seat

Snoozer Look Out Car Seat

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Famed for their great dog beds, Snoozer also does a pretty solid number in producing quality, safe dog car seats. Customers rave about the superior comfort that these car seats provide their dogs with, thanks to the padding constructed from simulated lamb’s wool.

You can choose from a variety of great colours, fabrics, and designs to help match your dog’s car seat with his personality.

These beds are perfect for small and medium-sized dogs, and their two sizes will support dogs up to 25 pounds.

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat Consumer Reviews

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat Price: $60-$100

Sizes Available: Small & Medium

The Safest Large Breed Dog Car Seat

Snoozer Large Lookout Dog Car Seat

Snoozer Large Dog Car Seat

We just spoke about the small/medium size dog car seats from Snoozer, so its fair game to give the large seats their own spot in this review.

The large seats differ somewhat from the regular Lookout Car Seats.

It still has the great simulated lamb’s wool for comfort and comes in many different colours and fabrics, but the difference comes in with the weight these seats can support.

The Large Lookout will support up to 40 pounds, which is also great for dog owners who want to safely transport two 20-ish pound dogs in the same seat.

You should be warned though…this seat is BIG and will easily take up all the room of your backseat if you drive a regular car.

Snoozer Lookout Large Dog Car Seat Consumer Reviews

Snoozer Lookout Large Dog Car Seat Price: $175-$200

Snoozer Lookout Large Dog Car Seat Size Available: Large

The Most Popular Dog Car Seat

K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat

Booster Pet Seat

Available in Small and Large sizes, the K&H Bucket Booster Pet Seats might just be the most popular and praised pet seats on the market today.

The small seats are great for toy-breed dogs, but if your dog weighs more than 10 pounds, you should opt for the large seat.

Because the car seat is elevated, it allows your dog to look out through the window and enjoy the scenery with you.

The seats can be used in the front or back of the car and is famed to be one of the sturdiest and strongest dog car seats out there.

If your number one concern is safety above all else, the K&H Bucket Booster s about your very best bet!

K&H Booster Pet Car Seat Consumer Reviews

K&H Booster Pet Car Seat Price: $80-$100

Final Thoughts:

We’ve shown you the different types of dog car seats out there, and the range we listed here covers just about all tastes.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and how insistent you are on keeping your dog as safe as possible when he’s taking a drive with you in the car.

If we had to choose just one winner it would have to be the K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat. It offers your dog the best protection while still keeping him comfortable in his own personal space.


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