Best Convertible Car Seat For Tall Babies

Best Rear-Facing Convertible Car Seat

It's no doubt that the most precious things we have in our lives, that we put more effort than anything into, is our children. There is danger at every turn as life is rushed; traffic gets worse every day, tired and frustrated drivers drive. In an instant, a short trip to the store can become a nightmare for parents.

How often do we see children riding in the front seat of cars in our city? And children in the back seats without any car seat or safety belt on. How often do we believe that it's just not going to happen to us?

Types of Car Seats For Age and Weight

The infant car seats for will vary according to age and weight. As they grow, the parts of the body that need safeguarded changes. For example, infants have a larger head compared to the rest of their body and its center of gravity is located high above the navel. They need a system that allows their head to be held secure at any sudden movement and must be rear facing.

When children are older and can hold their head up well, then it is possible to switch them to a regular convertible car seat. At age two, they can safely be turned front facing, however it is recommended to keep them rear facing as long as possible. Even at this point, their weight distribution does not allow them to wear a seat belt like an adult. That is why it is necessary to fasten harnesses an protective belts around them. In choosing the car seat for you, you have to consider the comfort and safety of your children.

Mechanisms of Protection and Care - The Belt and Car Seats For Children

It is essential to use a safety seat on every trip and insist that all buckle up before driving the vehicle. Security systems that attach to your vehicle passengers are what protect you and your loved ones in a crash. Be sure to buckle up. As you know, children learn from you. If you buckle up, your children will too.

It is important to note that not all car seats are equal and for anyone. There are a variety of car seats on the market, and we must choose the car seats that best suits the needs of our baby/child and characteristics of our vehicle as well. This will depend on several factors, such as the chair manufacturing, and security features already present in the car (seat two or three points, rear head rests, etc.).

Convertible car seats - Children in preschool for more than a year and weighing between 20 and 50 pounds may ride facing forward in a convertible safety seat. These seats are called "convertible" because they can provide the dual function, for babies and children. At first they are used rear facing, usually from around 8-35 lbs.

The convertible car seat is oriented in the direction of travel. No installation because it directly uses the seat belt three fixing points. It is easy to remove and put back in the vehicle. It allows multiple positions, the headrest is adjustable in height, has a seat belt guide, the material on the outside is removable, and meets all of the necessary safety standards.

At a glance…

  • This seat has the same recommendations as classic car seat.
  • You must install the safety seat firmly in the back seat, facing forward.
  • This model must have the harness straps at or slightly above the shoulder of the child, adjusting to the child's body firmly but not too tight.

However, You will need to consider seats with a greater stature of not under 50", and in a perfect world higher. Here we have recommended the best convertible seats for your tall baby…

  • For tall yet normal weight youngsters, the Diono Radian R100 is a good decision. It has a 57" height limit, and can be rear facing up to 40 pounds and front facing up to 65 pounds.
  • For children whose height and weight are both in higher percentiles, we recommend the Diono Radian RXT. It also has a height limit of 57", however can be rear facing up to 45 pounds and front facing put to 80 pounds.
  • If you are looking for a more affordable (around $100), yet safe option, you should check out the Evenflo SureRide 65 DLX. It has a maximum height of 54" and can be rear facing up to 40 pounds and front facing up to 65 pounds. This seat is wider than the Diono seats, however the SureRide 65 will fit taller children.
Tips to fit the seat…

Always carefully read the instructions for your car seat, and make sure you in install the seat in compliance with your vehicle's manual. To ensure that the seat is securely locked, push it down against the vehicle seat with the full weight of your body while pulling the seat belt to tighten. The seat should not be able to move back and forth or side to side more than 2cm after being installed.

The strips that hold the infant/child must always be well adjusted to fit their body properly. If the straps are loose and there is any sudden movement in the car or, it could hurt the child, despite being in their car seat. Make sure to adjust the seats straps based on the weather and types of clothing the child is wearing.


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