Cheap Car Seat Covers

cheap car seat covers

You LOVE your kids, but you also have a sense of love for your car, which means you don’t necessarily want it to get thrashed by the kids when they're your fellow passengers.

Kids can make a real mess in a very short time in a car given the opportunity, and if you don’t take the right precautionary measures for protecting your car seats, pretty soon they’ll end up looking like crackers and juice with a side of car seat.

When you’re driving, that should be the one thing you’re focusing on, and not fussing over spills and stains happening in the back of the car.

Great, and since you agree, this means you’re looking into how you can get more enjoyable hours on the road with the littles in the car without constantly fighting over nitty gritty messes.

The answer is simple…car seat covers!

Whether it’s in the form of a cover for the baby seat or a cover for the real car seat, car seat covers can help keep your car in tip-top shape and make cleaning up the mess that much easier.

What’s in a great car seat cover?

· The best car seat covers were made with durability in mind; this means materials such as sheepskin and leather take a “back seat” and the spotlight falls on materials such as saddle blanket or neoprene.

· The best car seat covers are easy to clean in the sense that a simple wipe down should clear up a mess and the covers should also be easy to remove for machine washing purposes.

Car Seat Cover Materials:

You can either go with leather or fabric seat covers- fabric is great in that it offers you a wider variety of looks and it’s more resistant to everyday wear and tear. Fabric is also the cheaper option for budget conscious buyers. For all goals and purposes we wouldn’t really recommend leather car seats if you’re in the game of child-proofing your car seats because they’re luxurious and need to be treated the right way to keep looking great.

Because fabric is the way to go, there are a few basic types you need to know of:

· Neoprene - is the most water resistant material

· Canvas - is easy to wash and very durable

· Microfiber - feels luxurious and adds extra comfort to the seats plus it protects against spills and stains

· Polyester - is soft, comfortable, durable and perfect for resisting stains and spills

Now we can finally move on to the real reason you landed up on this page, which is the part where we tell you all about the most kid-resistant car seat covers on the market that won’t break the bank.

The Cheap Car Seat Cover Review

We’ve rounded up the best and cheapest car seats out there to help you see just how affordable it can be to keep your car seats protected against life with kids. Here they are in no particular order…

The Cheapest Car Seat Protector

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

This sturdy and cushioned seat protector will help keep your child’s car seat in place and also eliminate the risk of damage to the car seats.

We love the fact that this protector is ridiculously cheap but still protects your car.

What’s more is the fact that it has two handy storage bags at the base to help keep drinks and wipes close by.

The Car Seat Protector Mat

Summer Infant Elite Duo Mat

This car seat with its Super Grip Vinyl prevents car seats from slipping around and it’s also super-efficient at resisting stains and spills.

If you’re on a tight budget and just want to protect one seat, this would be the car seat mat we recommend for preventing nasty kid-related messes on the seat of your car.

This mat is prefect for eliminating the risk of damage to your car seats by an infant or toddler car seat.

The Full Cover Seat Protector

Cheekie Monkie Super Seat Saver Mat

This LATCH compatible seat cover works great at protecting your car seats whether it’s fitted with a car seat or not.

The sturdy foam pads, non-slip backing and the high quality materials used for construction means this seta protector was made to last.

It’s easy to clean and helps prevent everyday scratches, stains and spills.

This cover also comes with very handy organizer pockets to keep all your child’s accessories and drinks nearby.

The All-In Seat Cover

Kurgo CoPilot Car Seat Cover for Bucket Seats

This cheap car seat cover protects the front and back of all bucket car seats, making it the ideal choice for passenger side seats.

We wouldn’t recommend this cover for seats that have integrated side airbags though, but it’s still a very solid, durable and reliable car seat protector.

Because it’s waterproof, machine washable and stain resistant, it ticks all the “must feature” boxes to make it one of the best and cheapest car seat covers out there.

And the winner is…

If we had to pick just one winner for this countdown, it would have to be the Kurgo CoPilot simply because it’s durable and protects the front and the back of the seat, instead of just covering a surface area where you child’s car seat is installed.

Hopefully by now you know what to look for in a great cheap car seat cover. We also hope you now have the know-how to invest in a car seat cover that will help protect the seats in your car and keep it looking as great as possible while the kids sit back.


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