Safest Car Seat Stroller Combos

If you are in the market for an infant car seat/stroller travel system, then look no farther. A travel system has many benefits. It offers you a reliable stroller and infant car seat all in one. This type of travel system is safe, lightweight, and easy to use.

Benefits of Car Seat/Stroller Combos

For any mother, a stroller is an essential component for her infant, certainly a must have item. Also, she is worried about the child’s safety in the car, and, for this reason, she requires a safe infant car seat. Thanks to the engineers who introduced the car seat/stroller combo, it has become a much easier process.

The infant car seat can be easily detached from the base in your car and snapped into place on top of the stroller, making it easy for you when you are on the go; you don't even need to take your infant out of the seat. Here are some benefits to choosing a car seat/stroller combo.

  • They offer you the ease of moving the car seat to stroller. You don’t need to unfasten, remove and re-fasten your infant. You simply unclick the main carrier from the car seat base, quickly snap it into a stroller, and you are done.
  • Most hospitals will not allow you leave unless you have an infant car seat installed in the car. It may be convenient to have the stroller as well for ease of getting to the car. For this purpose, the car seat/stroller combo gives you maximum convenience.
  • Living in the US means sometimes living in a cold climate. The quick converting features let you protect your child from the cold winds.
  • You will enjoy the ease of shopping. Just go through the list of car seat/stroller combos we’ve recommended below, and see if any appeal to you. There are tons of other strollers and car seat combos on the market you can look into on your own.

It’s never too late to make the right decision, especially when it comes to your child’s safety. For this reason, we have acquired a top 5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo list. We have chosen them on the basis of their features, durability, quality, price and ease of use.

Car Seat/Stroller Combos:

1) Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30

5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo

The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 is among one of the top rated baby brands. It is committed to providing you with such a product that is specifically designed for your child’s safety. The Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 is their best-rated product. It has an adjustable seat, wheel suspension, storage basket, rear brakes, cup holder, 5-point harness and many other features that collectively promises to secure your child.

2) BOB Motion with BOB B-Safe, Orange

5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo

BOB Motion is among the most reliable manufacturers of strollers and car seat combos. They are optimal for the active parent. Over the past years, BOB has undergone multiple technological advancements, each one to provide your child with more safety. This is simply one of the best travel systems you could choose. It features pneumatic tires, rugged suspension for any terrain, adjustable handlebar, locking and swiveling front wheels, rear brakes, seat reclining system, 5 point harness and much more. Moreover, they are also certified for air travel because of it's energy absorbing foam for safety. Finally, it is fully crash tested.

3) Graco FastAction Fold, Sports Stroller Click Connect, Tangerine

5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo

Graco is among the most popular companies in the world. It is renowned for its nursery products. This company came into existence about half a decade ago and emerged successfully. It offers you the Graco FastAction fold, car seat, and stroller combo solution. The stroller is a four wheeler with energy absorbing foam and a strolling system that is suitable for any terrain. Also, it has a large storage basket, an expandable rear pouch, a parent/child cup holder and a 5 point harnessing system that easily and adjusts to your child as he/she grows. It is lightweight and easy to use.

4) Graco FastAction Fold, Click Connect Travel System 30

5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo

The Graco FastAction Fold combo system will give you all the features that you need to ensure your child’s safety. It has a small basket and the Classic Connect 30 technology. Moreover, it is top rated, with a 5 point harnessing system and a level indicator. You can easily assemble it inside the car or attach the seat to the stroller. The energy absorbing foam will not only provide safety but also will give your baby a comfortable and cozy place to rest peacefully.

5) Britax B-Agile and B-Safe

5 Safest Car Seat Stroller Combo

The Britax B-Agile and B-Safe is a pioneer in the industry with great innovations for infant safety. Though they might have come later, Britax has emerged as one of the top rated and top selling baby travel product manufacturers out there. It features a B-Agile, three wheel stroller, great reclining options, 5 point harness system, rear parking brakes, all wheel suspensions and a large canopy. All of the features collectively aid in your child’s safety. Its travel system is also compatible with other car seat brands like the Chicco, Peg Perego, Graco, etc. as we discussed above. You may find it a bit heavier, as compared to the above models, but not much. However, it stands out from all when it comes to durability and safety.


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